International ADR Projects - Making information sessions on the use of mediation easily available throughout the EU: A video guide to facilitate settlement

Barbados - Alternative Dispute Resolution Programme

International ADR Projects - Lawyers in ADR: Successful Mediation Advocacy in Representing Clients Barbados - Expanding Commercial Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
International ADR Projects - Directions to the Directive: Promoting European Mediation Through Off-line and On-line Training Programmes Morocco - Alternative Dispute Resolution/Mediation Pilot Project
International ADR Projects - The Costs of Non ADR – Surveying and Showing the Actual Costs of Intra-community Commercial Litigation ADR Turkey - Technical Assistance for Better Access to Justice

International ADR Projects- Judges in ADR: Improving On-Line Resources and Trainings for Judicial Referral to Mediation in the EU

International ADR Projects - Promotion of International Commercial Arbitration and Other Alternative Dispute Resolution Techniques in MEDA Countries