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Conflict Management & Dispute Resolution

ADR Center SpAADR Center is the leading consulting organization for “Alternative Dispute Resolution” and “Access to Justice” with funding from outside donors.  ADR Center’s areas of expertise include, access to justice, mediation, arbitration, and ADR International Training.  Beyond Italy, ADR Center’s work has involved a series of major Technical Assistance projects, with clients that include ministries of justice and other government agencies in Nigeria, Morocco, Turkey, Barbados and the MEDA region. 

The primary goal of ADR Center’s international projects is to teach and train countries on the use of ADR and  the benefits of settling disputes outside of litigation.  Through years of research, ADR Center has determined that although many countries have unique advantages in international commerce, these strengths can be destroyed by unexpected conflicts, resulting in expensive and lengthy legal battles. 

The ADR Center philosophy centers around the idea that conflict can be handled in a way that leads to mutual benefit, and ultimately, an expansion of economic resources and international commerce.  ADR Center aims to enhance domestic dialogue, help businesses manage their conflicts more effectively, and build commercial relationships by implementing ADR policy. Through trainings, conferences, and a variety of other activities, these countries are given an alternative to the breakdown in their commercial sector.


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